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The 2PVA Adventure - An article by Hugues Carmignac

A year is only a way to measure time among so many others imaginable. Based on the time of revolution of the earth around the sun, we could measure it in number of steps, in heartbeat, in grams of food ingested, in laughter, in encounters. He died at 3844 meetings! What a beautiful life he had!

I spent a week with 2PVA, but how much in terms of intensity experienced?! What an adventure! What a beautiful slice of life! Get out of the ring of fire to go live, face your weaknesses, discover yourself, discover others, eat, eat and eat again, walk, laugh, communicate, see.

2PVA allowed me to remember that the well-balanced adventure between preparation and improvisation makes it possible to reveal the most beautiful facets of life:

The force provided by the physical and mental surpassing of self over a long duration effort.

The simple life without any complications other than knowing where we are going to hike, what we are going to eat and be happy like this.

Last but not least, the facet of communion with others and the living. The most beautiful without a doubt. My best moment was to be in the car of Kanon, Turkish and disabled world football champion, met 1 hour ago and who offers me to go miles with him in his car to help me look for beers with a childhood enthusiasm, who welcomed us in his meadow to camp and came to dinner with us.

Realize that it is enough to walk a little to see that each human and each living cell only aspires to uniqueness as if to restore an original disorder. Knowing that this feeling is within easy reach is extremely comforting.

I am now convinced that a good life must regularly experience adventure, if only to rediscover the sweetness of banality.

I thank Marie and Nil from the bottom of my heart for having reminded me of the salt of life. I also warmly greet all of my traveling companions. Each one expressed soul greatness in their own way and made the trip all the more beautiful.

I take this opportunity to ask them to call me for their next hikes, I might be up for it 😊

2PVA - The last heroes

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