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ON THE ROAD WITH 2PVA - An article by Rémi @lenomaderandonneur

Seventh of our hikers, Rémi joined our hiking trip for ten days. From Montpellier to Cassis, he will have had a condensed but well-filled overview of our thru-hike in Europe!

Here is the story of his experience, in words and pictures:

It was with the sound of fanfares and confetti that I met Marie and Nil. Smiling, kind and pleasant, they corresponded to the image I had made of them. Although it was the first time we saw each other, we had already talked together before. Some time before their big departure, in December, I had offered to join them for a while. They had enthusiastically accepted and since then I followed their journey on social networks across Portugal and Spain. But it is in June 2018, in Montpellier, that the adventure really began!

On the adventure side, we had some! We braved a deluge turning the sky into an apocalypse under a smashing rain and a monstrous thunder, fought against hordes of starving mosquitoes and squadrons of Arabis (mean and fierce little midges), walked to thirst in the salt marshes, climbed vertiginous passages in the Calanques and explored the mysterious source of the Lirou.

This hike had also allowed us to discover a magnificent nature and remarkable points of view. Crossing the fields of vines and odoring lavender, crossing salinas with flourishing life, walking along a deserted beach and climbing from a cliff to a creek, we were blown away. Panoramas and fragrances accompanied us to the end.

Beyond walking and landscapes, there are also the encounters. And this is where the project "Two Steps Towards Others" takes on its full meaning: A humanist crossing of Europe, across borders, to better understand our continent. This approach led us to contact people, to get to know the inhabitants. Thanks to their kindness and kindness, we sometimes benefited from a protective roof or a convivial meal. These rich moments of sharing and emotions, have given rise to new friendships. This is also these kind of things, the journey...

Sensitized to the preservation of the environment, I liked their 1KG FOR THE PLANET challenge from the beginning. After getting my little blue bag, I was happy to collect trash along the way, alas too much. Being a trail marker with the French Federation of Hiking, I participate in the maintenance of our hiking trails and deplores wild garbage deposits and irresponsible actions. So do not hesitate, take up the challenge too!


Passionate about the image, he is the photographer and drone pilot of the team. He breathes the joy of living and exults him as a great "Human Trumpet". Also a Master of the maps, he gives the direction to follow, but hopefully Marie is there to make sure of the cape.


Kind and pleasant, she is a magnet to kindness. Her warm contact encourages encounters and invites sharing. A great traveler, she has the experience of the bivouac and the treks, she likes to tell through fascinating articles on the internet.

It was a real pleasure to walk by their side. More than fellow travelers, I found sincere friends there. We went through galleys difficult times together, shared good ones too, suffered in the effort, laughed a lot... in short we had a human adventure!

Thank you Marie and Nil,

Rémi @lenomaderandonneur

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