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The European Parliament is the only institution of the European Union elected by direct universal suffrage. There is therefore a special relationship between this authority and the citizens of Europe. Delivering its patronage, the European Parliament gives its moral support to a selection of non-profit events that promote European culture and promote the rich heritage of our continent.

Seduced by the cultural dimension of our initiative, the President of the European Parliament gives his patronage to Deux Pas Vers l'Autre for its thru-hike of Europe.

The official designation of 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage was strongly supported by the European Parliament. The fact that our project is the flagship project of the House of Europe of Paris in this context has obviously also played a role in the development of this partnership.

Parlement européen
Parlement européen

The Trek is the US reference website for thru-hiking. Essentially dedicated to the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail, The Trek shares gear advice and insights, backpacking food, epic adventures and a wealth of other information that is essential for hikers, either they are beginners or experienced.

In addition to the editors, a small community of writers, handpicked, experienced hikers share their adventures and those that touch them.



For more than 60 years, the House of Europe of Paris has been working for the information and training of Parisians and Francilians in European citizenship. Conferences, exhibitions, debates, animation of the Erasmus+ club... the events of the House of Europe are diverse, open to all, of all ages and to all nationalities.

The House of Europe is working for an active and inclusive European citizenship and is particularly interested in the cultural dimension of the European project. That is what has attracted our attention in the first place and made us want to build a partnership with them.

Logo Maison de l'Europe de Paris - 2PVA

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have proclaimed 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage. This initiative will promote heritage as a central element of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue, promote best practices for its conservation and preservation, and develop its knowledge among a wide and diverse audience.

It is therefore quite natural that the House of Europe of Paris thought that Deux Pas Vers L’Autre could be the flagship project of 2018 in this context. Indeed, our ultralight hiking trip is also a great way to discover and share the cultural diversity of our continent.

We will have the pleasure to animate every month a column on their social networks on which you will also find our other publications: interviews, country episodes ... which contribute to discover Europe and the Europeans.

Maison de l'Europe de Paris - 2PVA
Maison de l'Europe de Paris - 2PVA


Logo The Trek - 2PVA
Logo The Trek - 2PVA

Rewarded several times as one of the best outdoor blogs, we are all the more enthusiastic about working with them as they have so far had almost no topic about Europe.

After a first written interview published on their website and their social networks, they offered us to assign us a writer account. We will therefore regularly publish exclusive articles on our adventure, preparation, gear...

TheTrek.co - 2PVA


I-Trekkings is a reference community blog in France. For years, I-Trekkings has been inspiring and informing French-speaking walkers who are thirsty for adventure. The site is both a space for exchange between enthusiasts and an informative platform with articles on the whole world of trekking and outdoor.

Logo The Trek - 2PVA

Via I-Trekkings we will share in each European country that we will cross a photo report. We will also share with readers of I-Trekkings our favorite places and exclusive material tests! As a source of inspiration for us, today we are delighted to share this adventure with this great community!

At the origin of the site, Grégory Rohart, a modern day adventurer, blogger, photographer but above all passionate about travel and discovery.

In 2006, he created the website that has since met with great success and brings together more and more contributors. Grégory travels to the four corners of the planet sharing his fantastic discoveries and continues to inspire walkers of all generations.



The Via Dinarica is a mega-trail that crosses all the Dinaric Alps from Slovenia to Albania. National Geographic has named it one of the best new destinations in the world for 2017. A reputation they intend to keep!
The Dinaric Alps are the mountain massif in the heart of the Balkans, which crosses 8 countries: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania. The Via Dinarica connects 21 national parks, 250 peaks over 2000 m and 19 sites inscribed on Unesco World Heritage List.

Logo Via Dinarica - 2PVA

It is a recent initiative whose fantastic work will enable us to discover the richness of the Dinaric Alps via a network of marked trails. On the website, modernity and simplicity, all the information is there, gps tracks and modern tools to make accessible this jewel of mountainous nature.

The Via dinarica is formed of a few trails including the main route, the White Trail, takes mostly the mountain paths and it is the one that we will try to borrow almost entirely if the weather conditions allow us.

Via Dinarica, randonnée
Via Dinarica, Balkans, randonné

Since 2000 a network of 5 hiking routes crosses the eight countries of the alpine arc, from Trieste to Monaco over 5000 km and 342 daily stages: the Via Alpina. This initiative is an attempt by the private and public actors of the eight Alpine countries to enhance their heritage, to stimulate local development and to share their experience across borders. The international secretariat of the project has been provided by the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA) since 2013.



Logo Via Alpina - 2PVA

The Rota Vicentina is a network of hiking trails in southwest Portugal, totaling 450 km to walk, along one of the most beautiful and best preserved coastal areas of southern Europe.


Formed by the Historical Trail, the Fishermen's Trail, and several Circular Trails, it offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a lively and authentic rural culture while crossing a surprisingly wild coast - all without leaving the Southwest Alenteján Natural Park and Vicentine Coast. The route is fully marked and can be traveled both ways.

Via Alpina
Montagnes, Alpes, randonnée

The Rota Vicentina is a network of hiking trails in southwest Portugal, totaling 450 km to walk, along one of the most beautiful and best preserved coastal areas of southern Europe.
Formed by the Historical Trail, the Fishermen's Trail, and several Circular Trails, it offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a lively and authentic rural culture while crossing a surprisingly wild coast - all without leaving the Southwest Alenteján Natural Park and Vicentine Coast. The route is fully marked and can be traveled both ways.

In February 2016, the Rota Vicentina Historical Path was awarded by the ERA (European Hiking Federation) as European Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe certification, joining the privileged group of the best hiking destinations in the world.


The Rota Vicentina is also an association aiming to unite the actors of the region with a goal of preservation and an dynamic eco-tourism.


If Pixel Assur is for us a synonym of tranquility, it is above all the insurance of reference of the professional photographers in France! To cross Europe with our production equipment on the back, we could not imagine leaving without insurance.

With 25 years of experience in insurance, Pixel Assur has become the leader for all pro photographers, amateurs but also drone operators. By ensuring the material against most possible damage, including theft, Pixel Assur allows photographers to work with peace of mind and really focus on their subjects without worrying about unwelcome eventualities...

Pixel Assur makes the choice to understand the photographers and the real risks involved in the profession by offering them adapted, honest and straightforward products. Thanks to their support that complements our personal insurance, we will cross Europe with a light spirit and this is where the ultralight hike begins!



Logo Chapka Assurances - 2PVA
Logo Chapka Assurances - 2PVA

Chapka is a specialist in travel insurance since 2002. As a pioneer in this field, they have created insurance solutions tailored to the needs of tourism professionals and individuals.


Chapka Assurances grew out of a desire to make insurance accessible to all by making contracts understandable, simplifying underwriting and facilitating repayments. Independent travelers thus subscribe to their travel insurance 100% online, with a maximum of simplicity on www.chapkadirect.fr.


Short stay, long-term travel, Work Holiday Program, internship and study abroad, expatriation, foreigners in France... many formulas allow to choose the solution adapted to each trip.


We know well and have already used the Chapka services in which we have absolute confidence. Chapka will bring us his support in this adventure by assuring us throughout the journey. A very important and reassuring support that allows us to approach serenely our thru-hike of Europe and its dangers.

Chapka Assurances - 2PVA
Chapka Assurances - 2PVA


My GR is the French reference website dedicated to hiking. The site helps walkers to better prepare their hikes in France through an interactive mapping system but also tons of advice, information, articles and cards on GRs. In France as in many countries of the world, the community of thru-hikers is in full expansion and hiking revealed every day a little more in its dimension of extreme sport. Its practitioners are more and more numerous and younger and younger! My GR is an official platform as fresh as modern held by a young and dynamic team.

Logo Chapka Assurances - 2PVA

The site also offers interesting passes to benefit from offers to ensure, to join but also of course to enjoy benefits from all partners.


For this great European adventure, we are a partner of the French Federation of Hiking through the My GR platform that will relay throughout our duration our crossing of Europe. For us, it's a real honor, the work of the Federation has always been extremely important to us, few French realize the work that exists behind the excellent maintenance of our trails. In France we have an incredible chance. This partnership is also an opportunity to share this unique experience with all French walkers with whom we may share a bit of road for some!



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On this blog are published chronicles of current expeditions to the four corners of the world, a walk along the longest river in Asia, a guy trying to reach the extreme South of the Americas from the Arctic without motorized means or... two crazy Frenchies crossing Europe on foot from West to East!

Greg Michaels, the author, has a penchant for traveling off the beaten path. On this subject, he knows a lot about it since he worked for NASA on missions to Venus and Mars.
You will find regularly on The Best Quest, a summary of the most important events of our adventure.